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Mpenzi: Black Women’s International Film and Video Festival  is seeking film and video submissions from established and emerging Directors and / or Producers and / or Writers, from among Straight, Lesbian, Bisexual, Queer or Questioning Black women, and Black Transgendered, Transsexual, and Intersexed women and men. 


Early submission deadline: July 7, 2006


Productions for consideration include work in all genres (including drama, documentaries, educational, experimental and animation).
·        shorts (maximum 25 min.);
·        long form (26 to 60 min. maximum) completed within the last three years
Preview tapes must be submitted in 1/2” VHS format (NTSC) and labeled with: 

·        film / video title;

·        country of origin;

·        year completed;

·        original format;

·        running time;

·        your name & company name (if applicable);

·        mailing address including postal code;

·        telephone and fax number;

·         email address;

·         website (if applicable);

Required support material: 
·        1 page synopsis including credits;
·        1 page biography identifying the Black woman/Black Trans Director and/or Producer and/or Writer;
·        a list of any festivals your entry has screened at and copies of any media coverage;
·        a self addressed stamped envelope with sufficient postage to cover the cost of returning your film / video if it is not selected
Submission is free. You may enter more than one film / video.  English subtitled films welcome.  Mpenzi: Black Women’s International Film and Video Festival TM or its sponsors, are not responsible for loss or damages.  The Advisory Committee determines which entries will be screened at the festival.  Should your entry be selected, you will be required to submit a screening copy in BETA SP (NTSC) or 35 MM, and additional support materials.  Mpenzi: Black Women’s International Film and Video Festival TM provides a $50.00 screening fee paid after the festival, which takes place annually in February during African Liberation Month. 


To submit entries, for more information, and to join our mailing list, please contact:

Adonica Huggins

Program Director

Mpenzi: Black Women’s International Film and Video Festival
Women and Gender Studies, University of Toronto
40 Willcocks Street, Room 2032
Toronto, Ontario     M5S 1C6
Tel: (416) 533-8157 

Web site: